Microsoft 365 Implementation

Transitioning to Microsoft 365 can be the smartest thing your firm has ever done. Boost your productivity, communications and security while reducing costs using all the applications your team is already familiar with. There is no need to learn new software with O365. Your documents, apps (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and Outlook email are accessible on any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Transition to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365 or O365) for:

  1. Secured cloud-based infrastructure
  2. Advanced communications and collaboration
  3. Better storage options
  4. Improved continuity and disaster recovery
  5. Greater value for your IT investment

Network Titan makes the migration easy and seamless for your users. From any existing system, customized to your unique needs, we offer an affordable approach to greater IT flexibility with M365.

You will experience:

  1. Seamless transition for all of your current email, documents, calendars, etc.
  2. We handle the backend technical setup quickly and efficiently – servers, domains, networks
  3. Microsoft 365 set up rapidly and affordably while hardening your cloud infrastructure
  4. Streamlined project management to assist your internal teams
  5. Expert planning and execution for basic or complex migrations

To learn more about how Microsoft 365 and working in the cloud can save your firm money while giving you greater IT flexibility, give us a call today or fill out the Contact Us form and we will contact you.