Email & Spam Protection

At Network Titan, We Understand How Important Secure, Clean, Spam-free Email Is.

In response to evolving and complex email threats, effective February 2024, Google and Yahoo have updated their email validation policies. The new requirements especially affect bulk senders however, all organizations can benefit by implementing the new requirements. These high impact email deliverability changes will help keep your inbox safe and secure.

Email, Spam and Phishing Protection is critical for your business operations and must occur seamlessly. Network Titan will put the right tools and protocols in place so your business emails are secure, and your inbox is spam free. Do not waste any more time sorting through emails you don’t want to see or that can harm your business.

Our Email & Spam Protection Services Include:

  • Anti spam filtering solutions for email with the same filtering service used by banks and other large financial institutions
  • URL rewrite – all email links clicked are scanned and blocked if malicious
  • Mail bagging – if your email service has an outage you will not lose mail
  • Two-Factor Authentication to best protect your accounts from Phishing crimes
  • Advanced Threat protection combines behavioral, heuristic, and sandboxing technologies to protect against zero hour and targeted attacks
  • Virus Protection - As virus attacks become more sophisticated, email infrastructures require advanced virus protection
  • Email Impersonation and Spoofing Protection – no more emails going to your staff that look like they were from you.
  • Untouchable archive – searchable archive of all email in and out of your company that cannot be accessed or deleted by staff members.

To learn more about how Network Titan’s Email & Spam Protection can keep your inbox safe and your business running around the clock, give us a call today!