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Learn more about what CMMC 2.0 and the 3rd revision to SP 800-171 means for government contractors and what it takes to get compliant now. Updated January 2024, this is a complete reference guide.

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What is CMMC 2.0 ?

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 is the current framework of various cybersecurity standards and best practices that is a requirement for government contractors working with the Department of Defense (DoD).
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  • Access Control: User and transaction authorization and security.
  • Awareness and Training: All personnel are adequately trained in security-related duties.
  • Audit and Accountability: Access records individually traceable to all users.
  • Configuration Management: Network and security protocols and documentation.
  • Identification and Authentication: Authorized user identification with multifactor authentication.
  • Incident Response: Incident reporting process and notification (DFARS 252.204-7012) capability.
  • Maintenance: Information Systems maintenance routine and control.
  • Media Protection: Control access and secure hard copy, digital and portable media.
  • Personnel Security: Individual screening prior, during and after personnel actions.
  • Physical Protection: Protect and monitor access to IS, equipment and operating environments.
  • Risk Assessment: Periodic testing to simulate and monitor Information Systems vulnerability.
  • Security Assessment: Periodic testing to demonstrate effective and current IS control.
  • System and Communications Protection: 14 security requirements; monitor, control and protect.
  • System and Information Integrity: Identify, report and correct IS alerts and flaws.

What You’ll Learn in This 11-Page PDF Guide:

Important CMMC Terms

Get to know the CMMC terminology, abbreviations and acronyms you’ll encounter.

Maturity Level Guidelines

Learn about the 3 CMMC 2.0 maturity levels and the difference between compliance & certification.

How To Prepare for CMMC 2.0

Discover 5 steps you can take now to get ready for CMMC 2.0 and other valuable resources.