Data Backup & Recovery Services

Our Comprehensive Data Backup & Recovery Services Provide a Complete Solution for The Safekeeping & Retrieval of Your Data.

Network Titan will develop a custom plan for your data backup and recovery needs, tailor made for your dynamic business environment. Network Titan makes enterprise-grade data backup and recovery solutions accessible and affordable.

If you’ve experienced an accidental data loss, breach or ransomware attack, Network Titan can help you recover your critical information. We lead you through the process of recovering your lost files and help prevent future data loss disasters. Our forensic analysis will determine how the data loss occurred and we can then correct it so your business will be better protected moving forward.

Our Data Backup & Recovery Services Include:

  • On-site and Cloud managed backups custom designed for your organization
  • Virtualization enhance your business continuity
  • Military-grade encryption advanced encryption standards
  • Backup process monitoring with real time backup updates
  • Data Recovery Testing confirms your backups are effective when needed
  • Multi-tiered Backup solutions ensure your data is disaster-proof
  • Fast, Flexible and Reliable Recovery that meet or beat your recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs).
  • Data Loss Analysis forensic discovery and mitigation
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans (BCDR) custom planning, design and documentation

Prevent data loss and avoid massive downtime and the associated costs of recovery. Contact us to learn more about our Data Backup & Recovery Services and how they can save your organization time, money, and stress.

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