Help Desk Support

The Dedicated Network Titan Team Proactively Monitors And Maintains Your Network, Fixing Problems Quickly And Efficiently If They Arise.

For today’s tech-dependent organizations, managing an IT system in-house is costly, time consuming, and often ineffective. When you sign up for a Network Titan Help Desk Support plan, we assume the responsibility for ensuring you never need to experience prolonged downtime from computer issues and hardware failures again.

Our highly experienced San Diego Help Desk Support technicians are certified and provide friendly, on-demand service.

Depending on the problem, they can diagnose and fix your users’ computers remotely, or visit your office to take care of things firsthand. And they respond quickly and professionally, no matter the time of day or night.

Regardless of what technical problems you encounter, Network Titan provides a fully staffed Help Desk team ready to provide:

  • Installation, optimization and upgrades for application software & operating systems
  • Comprehensive support of your users’ email, including spam & phishing protection
  • Scheduled evaluations & maintenance of your most important hardware to ensure optimal performance
  • Best practices & functional training for your team and users
  • No-hassle warranty-repair work, including equipment pickup, shipping, component replacement, & return