Proactive and Responsive

Having Network Titan as our IT service provider keeps us up and running; monitoring for malware and security protection, implementing critical software updates, keeping networks operating, and even help maintaining proprietary software systems. Our staff has confidence in knowing that whatever IT problem arises, the Network Titan team can fix it.

We have worked with Network Titan for almost three years now and have found them more responsive, and solution oriented, than any other IT company we have worked with in the past. If it requires a technician on site for critical issues they are there usually within an hour. Problems are diagnosed quickly and issues are resolved usually within a day or less. We are heavily dependent on web traffic using in-house proprietary software for getting quotations out and communicating between departments and clients. Downtime on these systems can get expensive. Network Titan is very proactive in maintaining the network and systems to keep things moving. And when things do go down, which software is prone to do, they are quick to effect fixes and put bridges in place until the problem can be resolved.

John Green
LithoFlex, Inc.