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Kaitlin Pinkerton-Locher

A Perfect Match

Network Titan provides immediate and efficient response to any technical issues we’ve experienced and always provides an explanation of what happened and how it is being addressed. Previous firms we worked with were not always able to respond immediately (might take 1-4 hours). The employees are wonderfully trained, problem solvers, and incredibly personable. They follow through on any issue as quickly as possible and thoroughly research anything thrown at them. When the occasion calls for it, they have gone above and beyond to make sure our needs were addressed.


Robert Burner

American Sheet Metal

Network Titan is trustworthy, fair and always available. Their response time is incredible. When a problem arises and a computer is down they get the problem solved incredibly fast. Network Titan is always there for you when you need them and is looking to build a long-lasting relationship.


Jim Buechler

Cutwater Spirits

Working with Network Titan is like having your own in-house, IT department but only better. Mike and his team are focused on providing outstanding customer service no matter the time or location. Simply put, they’re outstanding! Network Titan is incredibly responsive and technically sound. They consider your business to be their own. It’s hard to go wrong with Network Titan. They provide a responsive, cost-effective solution to all your IT needs.